How I can find the requirements and deadline for paper submissions?

On main page you need to click on respective Call-for-paper link and the pdf will be downloaded. Please also check the page “Paper submision”.

In what format should be the paper submitted to journal?

Please use the sample article format for submission of your paper since only articles formatted accordingly may be accepted.

How long should the article be?

The average length varies from 7-10 pages for not peer-reviewed to 10-20 for peer-reviewed journals. Specific length details can be found in pdf Call-for-papers that are easily downloadable from homepage.

Is it possible to access published articles?

You can easily download from our website the pdf version of published articles.

Do you charge readers to access to publications?

We do not charge any fees for access of readers to our journals and articles as we follow open access publication model.

Do you charge authors for publications?

We charge authors at optimal cost and in differentiated structure counting for costs necessary for expertise, reviews, editing, web-related services, promoting indexing and other related services. Please find more details in Paper Submission”. Additional cost might be required to cover postal delivery and additional copies of printed journals.

Authors submitting their articles accept responsibility for making the necessary fee payment arrangements. We may request, in case of need, the formal institutional letter when charges are to be paid by institution.

When the author should pay the respective fee for publication?

Payments must be done only after final letter of acceptance of a paper to publication. You will receive an invoice with several payment methods you can choose from the letter of acceptance.

Do you send author(s) a hard copy of printed journal?

We send one printed copy via standard air mail to first/main author of the published article. Conditions for post delivery depends on type of journal. Some of our journals may require additional post delivery fee in the amount 10 EUR. In such a case, you would be notified beforehand.

If I need more than one copy how I can order it?

If other authors would like to have a print edition, please contact us at [email protected], the fee for additional issue may vary between 20-30 EUR per issue in respect to mailing costs.

Are your journals peer-reviewed?

We offer both for peer-reviewed (BEH and ATI) and not peer-reviewed research journals (PIEB and MHSJ). Peer-reviewed journals represent conservative and conventional academic approaches in research publishing. They assume that paper must undergo scrutiny by anonymous or independent experts.

Not peer-reviewed journals (PIEB and MHSJ) also undergo expertise, though experts are part of editorial or advising board members. Send us your article, we quickly review it if we think that we may send it to our reviewers, we may send it back with comments. If you accept those comments, we then send the article to reviewers and that is the moment you are required to pay the fee for publication in reviewed journal.

What type of articles do you accept for publications?

We publish mainly research works which are descriptions of original research findings. Review articles which discus and generalize findings of research works are also accepted. We do not publish book reviews.

Are your journals registered with ISSN? What are the ISSNs of your journals?

All our journals are entitled by respective ISSN and E-ISSN codes. In case a journal has both ISSN and E-ISSN, it is published both in online and print which is the case of all our journals. Online publications come first and printing follows them with lag of up to two months. Please note that a journal cannot have E-ISSN assigned until first issue is out.

Can I put charts in article and what are requirements to their format?

Pictures and graphs are special subject to editorial consideration. We seek to keep their quantity optimal and only necessary in content. We kindly ask authors to provide us with black-and-white and editable (technically –to make necessary adjustments regarding formatting) charts, also black-and white schemes or photos as the journal is printed in black and white color scheme.

Martin Svoboda