About Us

PIEB or Perspectives of Innovation in Economics and Business was the first journal we started to publish. That is where the name of the site comes from. PIEB and related  journals emerged as a results of strong demand from academic sphere especially from many countries where options of publishing are scarce and supply of such services limited.

Papers in English and Russian are published in PIEB with international serial codes ISSN 1804-0519 (Print) and
ISSN 1804-0527 (Online). PIEB is registered with the Ministry of Culture Czech Republic by serial registration code MKCR E19129. Journals that are about to be issues first in January will be registered in a similar manner.


with the purpose to facilitate synergy effects from their interaction and integration that produce value for social practice.

Our journals where academic research results can be published without any limitations and through ISBN/ISSN and related mandatory printouts send to many libraries and through all freely downloadable articles published on our website reach the world of knowledge with ease. 

Through promoting publications we aim to stimulate information and research exchange between researchers and professionals of different countries with the developed, transitive and developing markets on topical issues of development.

All our research periodicals are open access journals as we follow funding model that does not charge readers or their institutions for electronic access.  In other words, we provide to readers the free online access to read and download scientific articles. This model provides greater reach of interested readers to the published articles.

The Perspectives of Innovations, Economics and Business (PIEB) is international journal growing to international research journal. We wish to create the environment favorable for communication that produces innovation, opens minds and serves as an exchange of ideas among regions, countries and cultures.

Our scope of work in academic and non-academic spheres is broad based, through our PRADEC (Prague Development Center) we organize many courses oriented on short term intensive post-master’s degree education ranging from soft-skills for managers to highly specialized courses for macroeconomic analysts. 

Also, we cooperate with private university of Unicorn College which is oriented on high-quality education in business/economics and IT/ICT specializations on special education courses. Barar ICBI s.r.o. cooperates with many businesses on many projects ranging from hospitality services to university preparatory courses for foreign students.