Nuru massage is an ancient Japanese sensual massage technique that has gained popularity worldwide for its unique and intimate approach to relaxation and pleasure. The word “Nuru” translates to “slippery” in Japanese, which perfectly describes the main feature of this massage.

Introduction to nuru massage

The key element of Nuru massage is the special gel used during the session, often referred to as Nuru gel or Nuru oil. This gel is made from natural ingredients like seaweed extract and is known for its slippery and smooth texture. The masseuse applies this gel generously to both their own body and the recipient’s body, allowing for a full-body, body-to-body massage experience.

Nuru massage is typically performed on a waterproof sheet or air mattress, which prevents absorption of the gel and ensures an effortless gliding motion between the bodies. As the massage progresses, the masseuse uses their entire body, including hands, arms, and torso, to provide long, sensual strokes and body slides, creating a deeply relaxing and intimate experience.

It’s important to note that while Nuru massage has sensual elements, it is not solely focused on sexual gratification. The primary aim is to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and foster a sense of intimacy between the giver and receiver. Trust and open communication are essential during a Nuru massage session to ensure both parties feel comfortable and respected throughout the experience.

With its centuries-old origins and unique approach to sensual massage, Nuru massage offers a distinctive and pleasurable way to unwind, connect with your body, and indulge in a luxurious moment of pure bliss.

Preparing for your Nuru massage experience

Preparing for your Nuru massage experience involves a few essential steps to ensure you make the most of this sensual and relaxing journey. Here are some tips to help you get ready for your Nuru massage:

  1. Research and Choose a Reputable Spa: Look for a reputable spa or massage studio that specializes in Nuru massage. Read reviews and testimonials to ensure a high-quality and professional experience.
  2. Hygiene and Freshness: Take a shower before your Nuru massage appointment to ensure cleanliness and freshness. This helps both you and the masseuse feel comfortable during the session.
  3. Communication and Comfort: Prior to the massage, communicate any preferences, concerns, or physical limitations you may have to the masseuse. This open communication ensures a tailored and comfortable experience.
  4. Choose Your Outfit Wisely: Wear something comfortable and easy to take off, as you will be disrobing for the massage. Some spas may provide disposable underwear for your convenience.
  5. Arrive on Time: Arrive at the spa a few minutes early to complete any necessary paperwork and to have some time to relax before the massage begins.

Fact: Nuru massage is considered a full-body massage, and the use of the Nuru gel allows for a smooth and gliding motion, enhancing the sensation and intimacy of the experience.

By following these preparations, you can approach your Nuru massage experience with confidence and excitement, allowing yourself to fully immerse in the soothing and pleasurable sensations of this ancient and sensual massage technique.

The nuru massage session: Step-by-Step

As you enter the serene and dimly lit room for your Nuru massage session, the soothing aroma of essential oils fills the air. Your experienced masseuse warmly welcomes you, creating a sense of comfort and relaxation from the very beginning.

Step 1: Undressing and Preparation: Your masseuse will provide you with a private space to undress and leave your belongings. You’ll be given a towel or robe to cover yourself as you prepare for the massage.

Step 2: The Nuru Gel Application: Once you are ready, the masseuse will begin by applying the warm Nuru gel to their body and yours. The slippery and sensual sensation of the gel on your skin creates a heightened sense of anticipation.

Step 3: The Body-to-Body Experience: With both bodies covered in the Nuru gel, the masseuse will use their entire body to glide and slide over yours. This body-to-body contact allows for an incredibly intimate and pleasurable experience.

Step 4: Relaxation and Sensual Strokes: As the massage progresses, the masseuse will use long and flowing strokes, varying pressure, and sensual touch to relax your muscles and elevate your senses.

Step 5: The Climax of Intimacy: The Nuru massage reaches its climax with the masseuse guiding you towards a state of heightened intimacy and bliss. The combination of the Nuru gel and the skilled touch creates a deeply gratifying and rejuvenating experience.

Step 6: The Afterglow: After the massage, take some time to bask in the afterglow of the experience. Your masseuse may offer you a warm towel or allow you to rinse off any remaining gel in a private shower.

Fact: The Nuru gel used in the massage is water-based and easily washes off the skin and sheets, leaving no stains or residues behind.

With its unique body-to-body contact and sensual techniques, the Nuru massage session offers an unforgettable and deeply connecting experience, leaving you in a state of profound relaxation and bliss.

Aftercare and post-massage considerations

After experiencing the intimate and rejuvenating journey of a Nuru massage, it’s essential to give yourself some time for aftercare and post-massage considerations. Here are some key points to keep in mind after your Nuru massage:

  1. Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water after the massage to help flush out toxins and rehydrate your body.
  2. Take Time to Rest: Allow yourself time to rest and relax after the massage. The Nuru massage can be deeply calming, and taking a moment to bask in the afterglow will enhance its benefits.
  3. Listen to Your Body: Pay attention to how your body feels after the massage. Some people may feel energized, while others may feel more relaxed. Honor your body’s needs and respond accordingly.
  4. Avoid Strenuous Activities: Avoid engaging in strenuous activities or exercises immediately after the massage. Give your body time to rest and recover.
  5. Take a Warm Shower: If you haven’t already done so, consider taking a warm shower to wash off any remaining Nuru gel and to further relax your muscles.
  6. Practice Mindfulness: Embrace a sense of mindfulness and be present in the moment. Allow the sensations and emotions from the massage to linger and nurture a sense of tranquility within.

Fact: The soothing effects of Nuru massage can linger for hours or even days after the session, leaving you feeling grounded and balanced.

By following these aftercare tips and considerations, you can extend the benefits of your Nuru massage experience, making the most of its relaxation, intimacy, and overall well-being benefits.

Martin Svoboda