Tertiary education in Latvia today and tomorrow

The market economy principles are deeply implemented in the system of tertiary education in Latvia. The share of private sector and private funding is significantly big, as well as the variety of study programs. Nevertheless it is only one side of supply-demand dimension that might be seriously changed by economic.

Innovative approach in improving of housing and municipal services in Kazakhstan

The author argue necessity to approach to housing and municipal sector in Kazakhstan as to market-based and comprehensive system producing quality and stable services to consumers. The article profiles policy directions and particular tasks and tools for further reforms in housing and municipal economy in the country.

Employment as a factor increasing the population well-being in a social market economy

The paper infers competiveness of a national economy in connection with the country’s capacity to provide sufficient and sustainable employment. The author  argues the importance of reverse link that goes from sustainable employment and well-being in a country to competiveness of national economy. It is concluded that active social policy is.

Theoretical aspects of studying the migration processes

In conditions of continuous growth of population in Uzbekistan the issue of managing the labor migration processes is becoming more important. Effective coordination of migration processes requires comprehensive study of theory and methodology of labour migration, particularly considering cases of transition countries. The paper considers some theoretic concepts that seem.