Entrepreneurship as a factor of innovative development for national economy

Entrepreneurship plays important role in provision the innovative mode to national economy development. Particularly, small and medium  companies  demonstrates significant innovation potential. The task of innovation transformation in national economy should be implemented through using entrepreneurship, based both on state and private property, as factor driving innovations. The author indicates on policy.

Management of innovative activity under economic and financial changes

In modern conditions, one of the main tasks of innovative activity’s efficiency is to develop a new concept of innovative processes' management. The author discusses challenges and tasks of different parties of innovation management process – inventor and owner, consumer of innovation and producer, government as well.

Stimulation of innovations: case of the Latvian IT cluster

This paper is based on assumption that innovation and competitiveness can be facilitated by clusters. The cluster approach has certain advantages which could be explored by firms looking for increased growth, competitiveness and innovation. The analysis of the Latvian Information Technology cluster shows that it has developed a platform for increasing.