Each of us has at least one friend or a family member who uses CBD oil or vape and swears it is the best thing that has happened to him or her.

But there are always some disbelievers as well, who consider it as just another fashion trend that has little to know effect or they believe it is definitely illegal to use. Now, who is right?

Are CBD products effective or is it just a waste of money? Is CBD oil an illegal drug? What are the major benefits? Here is everything you need to know about it.

CBD Oil Is in the Limelight Right Now 

It is a popular trend right now. You can find CBD practically in anything. There is not only CBD oil available in the market. You can buy CBD tea, coffee, gummy bears, chocolate and many other products including make up. But what is it anyway and why is it sometimes a subject of very passionate discussions? What is the difference between CBD and THC and what is the best way to use CBD oil?

CBD aka Cannabidiol

Cannabidiol is a chemical compound found in cannabis plants. Cannabis plants contain over 400 chemical entities. It can be found in both marijuana and industrial hemp. If you compared CBD and THC you would find out that it has exactly the same chemical make-up. The only change is the arrangement of the single atom. On the other hand the crucial difference is that CBD does not make you high no matter how much of it you take. CBD is not psycho-active.

Is It Legal?

It definitely depends on your location. Purchasing and using CBD that does not contain over 0,3% of THC is legal in most of the US states, UK and Europe. However, better always check what is the law in your current location. If you plan to take a bottle of CBD with you for an international trip, it would be for your own good to double-check whether it may import it.

The CBD boom attracted not only users but also farmers and producers. Unfortunately many farmers ended up utterly disappointed as it is not easy to plant industrial hemp. The harvested plants have to meet strict lab conditions. If they do not, they cannot be used.

What Are the Main Health Benefits Associated with CBD?

If you are doing your own research, you have certainly come across hundreds or thousands of claims that CBD can cure pretty much everything.

It is not as simple as this. It is definitely true that CBD has many significant health benefits, but be aware that some applications lack scientific evidence therefore need more research.

So far the greatest scientific evidence proving the positive effects of CBD is with children who suffer from Dravet Syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut, which are two severe forms of epilepsy.

CBD Oil Is Natural Remedy for Many Health Problems

  1. Chronic pain – our ancestors used hemp plants as a powerful painkiller. CBD can help you reduce chronic pain in a more natural way without the unpleasant side effects of pain relieving medicine. That is why it is often used by cancer patients who are going through chemotherapy. However, it cannot be considered as cancer treatment as there have to be more clinical studies.
  2. Reduction of anxiety and depression – anxiety is unfortunately quite a common problem in western world. CBD can help reduce anxiety and fight depression in a more natural and non-addictive way.
  3. Sleeping disorder treatment – insomnia is a serious health problem that can lead to development of other health issues. Using CBD oil to treat sleeping disorders proved effective. It makes you sleep deeper and you are more relaxed as well.
  4. Strong anti-inflammatory effect – it can help people with auto-immune diseases or acne. 

How to Use It?

You can use CBD oil by putting it straight under your tongue. Then hold it for a minute and swallow it. You can add it into your cup of tea or coffee. In case you prefer to drink it, you can also try CBD coffee or hemp tea.

The Bottom Line

Purchasing CBD oil is definitely not a waste of money. It sure has many health benefits that have been already scientifically proven and the rest are being researched.

It is a powerful natural painkiller remedy that can be an equal alternative to traditional medicines.

Do you think CBD products should be regulated more? Have you consulted with your doctor or you just purchased and started using it on your own? 


Martin Svoboda