Innovations in restoration technology of automotive case details using adhesive method

This paper discusses possibility of restoring automotive techniques’ case details and considers the effectiveness of “overlap” type connecting in the repair practice. The authors argue necessity for developing new adhesive formulations and technologies to restore case parts of automotive techniques and improve thermal deformation and strength characteristics of connections. The.

Serbia: A new process for waste rubber and plastic recycling

This paper intends to describe a new technological process for waste rubber and plastic recycling up to the commercial components in safe environmental friendly way. Researches and all relevant technical-technological data related to this process are checked at constructed pilot plant. The future construction of these units for waste rubber.

Training centers of a new type

Necessity for innovative production development sets the new requirements for content, organization, forms and methods of management activity. Non-traditional tasks faced by the present system of human resources management require the similar type of non-traditional methodological approaches and tools for social diagnosis, training and management of people in new situations..