It definitely does not belong to the most popular house chore, but once in a while, carpet cleaning is inevitable. In fact, carpets should be cleaned on a regular basis as they are reservoirs of dirt, dust, animal hair and other “yummy” stuff that is polluting our homes.

You have pretty much two options on how to get the work done: hiring professional cleaners or doing it yourself. 

If you prefer the latter, this article will provide tips suggested by professionals so that you can achieve the best possible results. 

Carpet Cleaning Should be a Part of Your Regular Cleaning Routine

Carpets are not just decorative components. In fact, they have many important functions, so it is in your utmost interest to keep them as good as new as long as possible. These floor coverings warm up the room they are in. They add that fine esthetic touch to your stylish furnishing, and overall can create a cozy atmosphere.

On the other hand, they can also get stained and dirty sometimes far too easily and, over time and without proper care and love, become really “nasty”.

To master regular cleaning in general is an art. Fortunately, there are many methods, such as the 20/10 method, that proved effective and can help you manage not only the carpets, but the rest of the house as well.

How to Clean a Carpet in 5 Easy Steps:

  1. Start with vacuuming and do it really thoroughly. Before you make the carpets wet, you need to get rid of all crumbles, hair, solid dirt etc. If you skip this part, the wet cleaning will be much more difficult, messy and also less effective. 
  2. Choose the right detergent or make your own. There are countless products specialized in carpet cleaning in the market. You can go for traditional detergents or pick an environmentally-friendly option. Very practical are concentrated products that usually last very long. If you do not know which brand to pick, check the reviews and recommendations of professional cleaners online. And for those who prefer chemical-free cleaning can mix up home-made detergent completely out of natural components that you can find in your pantry. Traditional detergents are powerful helpers, but some of them can negatively affect our health. Chemical-free cleaning is trending for all good reasons. If you want to give it a try there you can find many recipes and tips on how to clean with your own cleaning products
  3. Mix up your cleaning solution in a pump-up sprayer. This simple device will help you evenly spread the cleaning detergent on the carpet surface. Walk slowly so as not to miss any spot. After you finish, leave the solution to absorb for 5 to 10 minutes. This way you will get rid of deep molded dirt and stains (if the stains are stubborn you can locally use stain remover). 
  4. Prepare your carpet cleaner machine. You can buy your own, or rent. Fill the tank with pure tap water only. Do not add any detergents to the tank as you need to rinse the shampoo that is already in the carpet (as per step 3). While cleaning, move very slowly, do not rush. Then vacuum away the extra moisture.
  5. Let your carpet dry as fast as possible. Open the doors and windows or, if you can, use the fans or turn on the AC. There needs to be good air circulation in that room. 

Regular carpet cleaning is a must

Carpets should be deeply cleaned at least twice a year. If you own pets or have small children you should clean them more often. Does it sound like a real hustle to you? You can always hire professionals that will do all the hard work in no time with their own equipment that allows the carpets to dry much quicker.

How often do you clean all your carpets? Are you doing it by yourself or hiring pro cleaners?

If you have any personal hacks on how to clean carpets better and faster, please share them with us!

Martin Svoboda