BEH Volume 3

BEH: Growth effect of aid and its volatility: An individual country study in South Asian economies Portuguese public debt and financial business before WWI First borrowing period at Ottoman Empire (1854-1876): Budget policies and consequences Dual income tax: A reform option for personal income tax in Turkey The level of.

BEH Volume 2

BEH: Emerging markets and innovation: A partnership for global progress Interconnected firms’ relationships as a source of a competitive advantage Major methodological challenges for the economic theory of the firm in the economies of Central and Eastern Europe Impact of workers’ competence on their performance in the Malaysian private service.

BEH Volume 1

BEH: Examining the dimensions of governance that are relevant for private investment Empirical research findings on telework: Management experiences and attitudes Euroregion’s "mission" and the success of the Lisbon strategy Methodological aspects of research done in contemporary enterprises in the light of disputes between Modernists and Post-Modernists Role of transformational.

ATI Volume 1

ATI: Solar enriched methane production: Assessment of plant potentialities and applications  

Volume 4

CHALLENGES OF GLOBALIZATION: Feeling the heat: Financial crises and their impact on global climate change Globalization of innovation activity by transnational corporations: and its importance in the present economic crisis INNOVATIONS AND DEVELOPMENT: Role of innovation in growth of countries The place of technology transfer processes in the system of.