Determinants of direct foreign investment: Evidence from Jordan

In order to show the effect of direct foreign investment flows on the economy of Jordan, this study comes to examine the economic and financial risks on FDI on the macro level over the period (1997- 2007). This study applies a version of the model developed by Chan and Gemayel.

Stress testing as a tool for simulating the effects of crisis in banks

Emergence of crisis in financial markets, especially banks, have forced a change in approach to risk management. It has become necessary to develop new or refine existing models of early bankruptcy threat warning, as well as establishing the potential impact of bank failures. One of the tools, indicating that resistance.

A small nation’s comparative advantage: The case of Latvia

Problem of comparative advantage in international trade is important in theoretical and practical aspect. Theoretical models in this area are periodically re-examined in search for empirical evidence. The aim of the paper is to verify the two fundamental theories in the case of a small European country - Latvia -.

An empirical comparison of different risk measures in portfolio optimization

Risk is one of the important parameters in portfolio optimization problem. Since the introduction of the mean-variance model, variance has become the most common risk measure used by practitioners and researchers in portfolio optimization. However, the mean-variance model relies strictly on the assumptions that assets returns are multivariate normally distributed.