Euroregion’s “mission” and the success of the Lisbon strategy

The article presents how Euroregions contribute to the execution of Lisbon Strategy’s objectives to ensure its positive outcomes. As „special” regions, Euroregion are the embodiment of entrepreneurship and they strive to be competitive. Because the Lisbon Strategy emphasised entrepreneurship-based competitiveness, especially the competitiveness of the SME sector, Euroregions, representing “natural.

Empirical research findings on telework: Management experiences and attitudes

Based on the technological progress and the complex work processes of our increasingly globalised world, novel ways of organising work can be seen everywhere. The EU has defined atypical forms of employment as breakthrough points in improving employment indices. Telework is probably the the most innovative atypical working form, offering.

Examining the dimensions of governance that are relevant for private investment

Which types of governance indicators matter the most for private investment? This short paper answers the question by examining the impact of specific governance indicators on private investment in a cross-section of developing economies. Results indicate that an effective government that includes competent and independent civil service and credible governmental.