Impacts of the current economic crisis on Southeast Asian labour markets

The current economic crisis has caused most of the western world to fall into recession because of the credit crunch and the collapse of much of the under-regulated and over-confident banking industry. However, in most of Asia, especially developing Asia, the crisis has affected manufacturing and, hence, employment rather than.

Impact of capital structure on firm’s value: Evidence from Bangladesh

Modigliani & Miller (1958) show the impact of debt-equity ratio on firm value in their capital structure theory. Economist and financial researchers have spent time to develop new thoughts around this theory. Despite their effort the Modigliani & Miller (MM) model is still in vague. In this paper attempt has.

Private label development in the Republic of Serbia

The paper is focused on market research of private label development in Serbia from 2005 to 2010. Core objective of the paper relates to the comparative analyses of private labels portfolios and strategies between different retail formats. The data used for the research are official statistical data and data collected.

Family involvement in and institutionalization of family businesses: A research

This study considers family involvement (presence of family) in business context, with the aim of understanding from the perspective of institutionalization how this involvement affects the pillars of institutionalization. The study considers the top managers of family businesses in Turkey’s four largest cities, and hence draws a general picture of.