Volume 4

CHALLENGES OF GLOBALIZATION: Feeling the heat: Financial crises and their impact on global climate change Globalization of innovation activity by transnational corporations: and its importance in the present economic crisis INNOVATIONS AND DEVELOPMENT: Role of innovation in growth of countries The place of technology transfer processes in the system of.

Volume 3

INNOVATIONS AND DEVELOPMENT: Evaluation of innovation activities of small and medium-sized businesses in Slovak Republic A comparative estimation of the country regions' development level The analysis of the current state in the regional innovative system INSTITUTIONS AND DEVELOPMENT: Modern aspects of public private partnership GROWTH, FINANCE AND REGULATION CONCEPTS: Effects of global.

Entrepreneurship as a factor of innovative development for national economy

Entrepreneurship plays important role in provision the innovative mode to national economy development. Particularly, small and medium  companies  demonstrates significant innovation potential. The task of innovation transformation in national economy should be implemented through using entrepreneurship, based both on state and private property, as factor driving innovations. The author indicates on policy.